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Emoji x Britney Spears edition

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When You Feel Purposeless and Fear You’re Wasting Time

Great read for anyone who feels a little lost (aka pretty much every current college student and recent post-grad)

Oh, sir! I saw it! Some angry member of the kitchen staff. Did you not tip them?

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Astronomers find a new type of planet: The 'mega-Earth'


Typically, planets much larger than Earth would be gas giants. That’s what we thought, anyway. But now astronomers have discovered an exoplanet seventeen times heavier than Earth, made up of rock and solids, some 560 light-years away. Not only is the planet exceptionally large for its composition, it’s also surprisingly old. Its parent solar system is 11 billion years old. In order to make the heavier elements needed to create an earthy planet, you require stellar nucleosynthesis—stars merging atomic nuclei into successively heavier elements until they explode, dispersing the mass, which can then form planets. There weren’t a whole lot of heavy elements present in the universe less than three billion years after the Big Bang, but apparently, there was enough to create Kepler-10c. Fascinating.

Think of the implications for life elsewhere in the universe. Although we have yet to confirm its existence, the conditions conducive to it could have appeared much earlier than one would have thought.


Pulp Fiction (1994)

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1993 vs 2013

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  Tré Cool, Winona Ryder, Billie Joe and Gwen Stefani

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The only pic on my phone from @fireflymusicfestival #RippedMyPants #SpongebobStatus

Smartest biddie I know is graduating UChicago today and I couldn’t be more proud. Love ya, Princess Giggles! ❤️ Princess Burpy #NotMeNotHermioneYou